How much does a double glazed door cost?

How much should you pay for your double glazed doors?

There exists an extensive selection of double glazing doors for you to peruse, ranging from French and patio doors to stable doors and front doors. Each of these designs offers a diverse palette of colours and materials.

The market boasts an expansive array of uPVC double glazed doors, encompassing double glazed patio and French doors, as well as stable doors and front doors. These designs present a spectrum of colours and offer diverse accessories for your consideration, including an assortment of locking mechanisms and handles.

The challenge then lies in pinpointing precisely what you seek. For many, the ultimate deciding factor often boils down to cost. Yet, given the multitude of options, prices can exhibit substantial variations. T

To assist in navigating this landscape, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide detailing the average prices for new double glazed doors in 2024.

How much should you pay for your double glazed doors?

Door TypeGlazing StyleAverage Cost
French 1.2M x 2.1MFully Glazed£950 – £1050
French 1.5M x 2.1MFully Glazed£1,000 – £1,100
French 1.8M x 2.1MFully Glazed£1,075 – £1,175
Front Standard Roller LockArched Top Light£600 – £700
Front High Security LockArched Top Light£675 – £775
Front Standard Roller LockDiamond Leads£600 – £700
Front High-Security LockDiamond Leads£650 – £750
BifoldFully Glazed£5,000 + (depending on size)
PatioFully Glazed£450 – £1,800 (depending on size)

Note: Costs are indicative and may vary based on specific requirements and sizes.

The average labour cost for uPVC double glazing door installation is approximately £25 per hour or £200 per day. Explore the estimated costs for various types of double glazed doors in our comprehensive cost table.

Front doors

Elevate your property’s kerbside appeal with a new double glazed front door. Whether enhancing before selling or improving your cherished home, a front door can make a significant difference.

Average front door prices range from £600 to £800, dependent on various factors and based on a standard size of 900mm x 2,100mm. For in-depth insights into front door costs, explore our comprehensive front door cost guide.

Double glazed door cost calculator

When assessing the cost of new double glazed doors, size plays a crucial role. Larger doors entail more materials and potentially additional services, escalating the overall cost. The door style is another significant factor, with substantial cost differences between basic uPVC units, wooden designs, or more intricate options.

Accessories and locking mechanisms contribute to costs, especially handles with varying materials and styles. Additionally, the colour choice impacts expenses, with white being the most economical, and bespoke colours incurring additional costs.

Double glazed door fitter hourly rates

Hourly rates for double glazed door fitters typically range between £28 and £37, with a daily cost falling between £225 and £300. It’s essential to consider regional variations, as hourly rates in locations such as London and the South East tend to be higher than say Chesterfield.

The expertise of a professional fitter ensures precise installation, optimizing the performance and longevity of your double glazed doors. These rates reflect a balance between quality service and fair pricing in the context of the UK’s diverse regional markets.

Double glazed door quotes

Determining the cost of your double glazed door project requires gathering quotes from various tradespeople to find the right price and professional you feel entirely at ease with.

Fortunately, obtaining multiple quotes from recommended window and door specialists in your neighbourhood is straightforward. Initiate the process by entering your postcode into the free search tool below for hassle-free access to trusted professionals or simply call us on 01246 912106.

Why should you invest in double glazed doors?

Investing in double glazed doors offers a range of compelling benefits. Firstly, they significantly enhance energy efficiency by providing an additional layer of insulation, reducing heat loss and lowering energy bills.

The improved thermal performance contributes to a more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature. Additionally, double glazed doors enhance sound insulation, creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment. The heightened security they provide, with robust locking mechanisms, adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

Beyond functionality, these doors come in various styles and materials, allowing you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. With potential long-term savings, improved comfort, and added security, investing in double glazed doors proves to be a worthwhile decision for both your home’s efficiency and overall value.

The aesthetics

When contemplating a new door installation, aesthetics often take precedence, especially for external doors visible to others. The various styles available each possess unique appeals, and your choice is likely influenced by your home’s existing design.

A country rustic property may find a stable door most fitting, while a modern dwelling may benefit from a sleeker, streamlined option. Ultimately, the decision on appearance rests entirely with you, allowing you to align the new door seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your home.

Choosing a double glazed door

Here’s just a few of the questions to answer for your new double glazed door:

  • Door Style:
    • Sliding Back Door: Enhance accessibility.
    • Bifold Doors: Seamlessly connect the garden to your home.
  • Front Door Glass:
    • Larger Glass Pane: Aesthetic appeal.
    • Privacy Glass: Illuminate the hallway discreetly.
  • Handle Choice:
    • Balanced Aesthetics: Good looks and practicality.
  • Security Priorities:
    • Budget Consideration: Assess willingness to compromise aesthetics for high-security fittings.

When choosing your double glazed door, these questions guide you in customizing it to your preferences.

Here are some alternative phrasings for the given content:

  1. These are factors worth pondering. It’s crucial to determine your budget for the new door and then weigh your priorities. A reputable door fitter can provide guidance on options that align well with your property, outlining the pros and cons for each choice.
  2. These points merit careful consideration. Firstly, establish your budget for the new door, and then factor in your priorities. A skilled door fitter can advise you on options that complement your property and articulate the advantages and disadvantages of different choices.
  3. All these aspects should be taken into account. Begin by defining the budget for your new door and then consider your priorities. A proficient door fitter will offer insights into options that suit your property best, elucidating the pros and cons of various selections.

Finding a professional to fit your new double glazed doors

Securing the right professional to install your new double glazed doors is paramount for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. When embarking on this crucial task, turn to Chesterfield Window Centre, a trusted name synonymous with expertise in door fitting.

Their dedicated team brings a wealth of experience to the table, guaranteeing a seamless installation process that not only enhances the energy efficiency of your home but also bolsters its security.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your door installation; choose the precision and reliability offered by Chesterfield Window Centre. Take the first step towards upgrading your home by giving us a call on 01246 912106.

Experience firsthand the excellence that sets Chesterfield Window Centre apart in the realm of double glazed door installations.

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