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Cost to replace Fascias and Soffits in Chesterfield

The costs associated with replacing soffits and fascias in Chesterfield can vary based on several factors, these include, the type of materials chosen, the size of the property, and the complexity of the installation can all influence the overall expenses.

Typically, homeowners may opt for uPVC, wood, or metal materials for their soffits and fascias. uPVC is a popular choice for its durability and low maintenance, while wood may offer a more traditional aesthetic.

The size of the property, including the linear footage of soffits and fascias, will directly impact the cost, with larger homes generally incurring higher expenses. Additionally, the intricacy of the installation, such as the need for scaffolding or the presence of architectural details, can contribute to the overall price.

How much does it cost to replace fascia and soffits in Chesterfield?

Fascia and soffit replacement cost in Chesterfield is influenced by the size of your property. Generally, the significance of fascias and soffits constitutes merely a modest portion of the total expenditure. Interestingly, scaffolding typically constitutes approximately one-third of the overall project cost.

Fascias and Soffits Replacement Cost Guide:

Cost Provided Item Unit Price Range (Low) Price Range (High) Average UK Cost
Replace Fascias and Soffits Per lm £100 £170 £135
Replace Bargeboards Per lm £160 £230 £195
Replacement Tiles and Waste Per lm £30 £60 £45
Replacement Guttering Per lm £35 £50 £42.50
Hire Access Scaffolding Per m² £20 £40 £30
uPVC Replacement for Old Fascias and Soffits (Small Semi-Detached Property, Excl. Scaffolding Costs) Each £2,430
Capping Old Fascias and Soffits with a uPVC Cover (Large Semi-Detached Property) Each £3,000
Capping Old Fascias and Soffits with a uPVC Cover Per lm £85

Note: Costs are average estimates. For accurate quotes, consult a local tradesperson.

Factors affecting Fascias & Soffits installation

The choice of material significantly influences the cost and durability of your fascia and soffit replacement. uPVC stands out as the most popular and cost-effective option in the UK, priced at approximately £10 per metre. uPVC offers exceptional durability, ensuring the longevity of your fascia and soffit for 50 years or more. Its inherent qualities, including resistance to shedding, flaking, and discolouration, contribute to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Price Chart for Fascia and Soffit Materials (Cost per Metre):

Material Average Cost
uPVC £10
Steel £15
Aluminium £45
Wood £150

This chart provides an overview of the average cost per metre for popular materials used in fascia and soffit replacements, aiding in informed decision-making for your project.

Apart from the size of your home and the chosen material, various additional cost factors are contingent on your specific circumstances. These factors encompass:

Location: The costs are likely to vary based on your geographical location in the UK.

Waste Disposal: If the removal of the original fascia and soffit, along with other materials, is necessary, the cost for a skip is approximately £100 per week.

Labour Rates: Hiring a fascia, soffit, and gutter specialist generally incurs a labour cost ranging between £20-40 per hour.

Upon receiving a quote from a fascia, soffit, and gutter specialist, it will provide a detailed breakdown of all the costs involved in the work.


How much does it cost to replace soffits and fascia in Chesterfield?

The average cost to replace fascias and soffits on a three bed semi-detached house in Chesterfield is around £2000 to £2500. You could be looking at paying anywhere up to around £3000 for a larger, detached property. 

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In conclusion, the costs associated with replacing fascias and soffits in Chesterfield can vary based on factors such as the size of your property, the chosen materials, and additional considerations like location and waste disposal. Understanding these factors is crucial for making informed decisions about your home improvement project.

If you’re considering fascia and soffit replacement in Chesterfield, we invite you to contact Chesterfield Window Centre. Our dedicated team is ready to provide personalised advice and detailed cost estimates tailored to your specific needs. Enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your home by reaching out to Chesterfield Window Centre at 01246 912106. Take the first step towards a more resilient and visually pleasing exterior for your property.

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