uPVC flush casement windows prices

Flush casement windows prices

Casement windows that sit flush with the frame have maintained their popularity since the 19th century, lending a charming touch to historic properties. Interestingly, their appeal has transcended time, finding favour in contemporary homes as well.

This can be attributed to their pleasing symmetry and clean lines. In order to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved, we’ve crafted this guide to uPVC flush casement windows prices. It aims to assist you in estimating the expenses associated with the installation of these windows in your home.

Flush casement windows prices

Costs provided are inclusive of VAT.

ItemUnitRange – Low +VATRange – High +VATAverage Cost +VAT
Flush casement windows (Window and installation) 600 x 900 mm£300£400£350
Flush casement windows (Window and installation) 1,200 x 1,200£450£550£500
Flush casement windows 940 x 1600 mm£470£570£520
Full house uPVC casement 3 bedrooms, 12 windows£5,000£10,000£7,500

Note: The costs provided are ballpark averages. For precise quotes, it is recommended to consult a local tradesperson.

The overall investment in flush casement windows is contingent upon various factors such as style, frame dimensions, and the quantity of windows required. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the installation expenses. For a uPVC casement window measuring 600 x 900 mm, anticipate a cost of approximately £350.

If your preference leans towards a larger 1,200 x 1,200 uPVC flush casement window, the average cost, encompassing both the window and installation, hovers around £500. Opting for a 940 x 1600 mm uPVC flush casement window will incur an expenditure of about £520.

For those contemplating the installation of uPVC flush casement windows throughout their entire home, the total outlay, covering both supply and installation, is estimated at around £7,500. This projection is based on a three-bedroom residence requiring the installation of 12 windows.

Please note that these figures serve as general estimates, and actual costs may vary. For precise quotes tailored to your specific requirements, consulting with a local tradesperson is recommended.

Factors affecting uPVC flush casement windows prices

Costs exhibit considerable variability, influenced by factors such as location (with capital cities like London typically incurring higher expenses) and the quantity of windows being acquired. For those considering timber casement windows, a perusal of our timber windows cost guide is recommended. Notably, timber windows tend to be pricier compared to their uPVC counterparts. If the need arises for the installation of new double glazing within your uPVC flush casement window(s), our specialized cost guide on this matter is worth exploring.

While the prospect of fitting the window yourself may be considered, it’s imperative to recognize that window installation is a task best left to professionals. Incorrect installation not only has the potential to escalate costs due to subpar workmanship but can also result in higher energy bills.

For optimal results and long-term benefits, engaging the services of a skilled window fitter is advised. This ensures not only cost efficiency but also the reduction of draughts, effective insulation, and the preservation of warm air within while keeping the cold air at bay.


Are flush casement windows more expensive?

Yes, flush casement windows can be more expensive than standard casement windows due to their sleek design and premium materials. Costs vary based on size, material, and specific features. Consult with local suppliers for accurate estimates tailored to your requirements.

Are flush casement windows good?

Yes, flush casement windows are a popular and desirable choice. They offer a sleek and stylish design with a flat, smooth surface. Known for their clean lines, these windows seamlessly blend traditional charm with modern aesthetics. Additionally, they provide excellent insulation, reducing draughts and contributing to energy efficiency. Overall, flush casement windows are a good choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

How much more do casement windows cost?

Casement windows come with a price range of £350–£520, contingent on the chosen size. When considering cost, uPVC flush casement windows prove to be a slightly more economical choice compared to their aluminium and timber counterparts.

Do flush casement windows leak?

No, they are not. Unlike the flush casement windows of yesteryears, modern casement windows are equipped with an additional layer of sealing. In the past, flush casement windows lacked this extra sealing layer, allowing dampness to infiltrate whenever it rained. This led to undesirable consequences, specifically dampness.

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