Preventing Misted Windows: 14 Proven Ways


Misted windows are caused by tiny drops of water that show up on cold and hard surfaces when warm air touches them. This water buildup can also occur in rooms that have lots of steam or moisture, such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

When warm air from inside your home meets the cold glass of a window, they kind of bump into each other. At that point, the air becomes so filled with moisture that it turns into visible water droplets on the glass.

Preventing misted windows isn’t a big deal if you follow some tips.  So, if you want to enjoy a cozy home without having to deal with misty windows all the time- read on!

14 Ways To Prevent Misted Windows

This misted window condition is very common in Chesterfield, especially in winter. When the warm and cold air meets on the window, that’s when you start to see those little water droplets forming. The following are a few things to do to prevent misted windows:

1. Open Windows In Bedrooms At Nighttime

When we sleep, the warm air we breathe out raises the humidity in our bedrooms. If we keep the windows closed, this moisture turns into condensation on the glass. To avoid misty windows, simply open the window at night. This lets the warm air escape, keeping things clean and comfy.

Closed curtains are good at stopping drafts, but they also keep the window glass cold. To fix this, keep your curtains open at night. This helps the glass stay closer to room temperature, stopping those pesky water droplets from forming. If you can’t keep them open, try using thinner curtains.

2. Open Windows In Washrooms When Showering Or Bathing

Showering and bathing create lots of steam, and that leads to misted windows. Open the bathroom window wide while you’re in there to let the steam escape. Keep it open even after you’re done to make sure all the moist air is gone. Don’t forget to close the bathroom door to keep the steam from spreading.

3. Open Windows In Kitchens When Cooking

Cooking, boiling, and using the kettle make the kitchen steamy. To avoid misted windows, open them wide while you’re cooking. This lets the warm air out and keeps your windows clear. Ventilation is the key!

4. Dry Garments Outside

Wet clothes release moisture into the air as they dry. If you can, dry your clothes outside. If the weather of Derbyshire doesn’t allow it, open windows to let the moisture escape. Also, try drying clothes in a room with lots of windows to let the sunlight do its job.

5. Keep Warming On Constantly At A Low Temperature

Rapid temperature changes make windows cold, leading to condensation. Keep the heating on at a steady, lower temperature to avoid extreme fluctuations. This way, your windows won’t get too cold, and you’ll have fewer misty moments.

6. Replace Windows With Mists Between The Panes

If your double-glazed windows have condensation between the panes, they might be faulty. In that case, it’s time to replace them. Good windows shouldn’t trap moisture between the glass layers. Keep them clear to enjoy a mist-free view.

7. Wipe Away Dampness On Windows

Sometimes, windows get moisture from high humidity or a hot shower. Use a lint-free cloth or newspaper to gently wipe the glass. Clean the window frame with a microfiber cloth. Also, open the window for a few minutes each day to let air circulate and stop condensation buildup. Keep it clear and bright!

8. Use A Dehumidifier Or Air Conditioner In The Room

Reduce moisture in the air by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner, especially in places like your bathroom where window panes might face extra moisture. This helps cut down on condensation on your windows, making them clearer and less misty.

9. Use A Hair Dryer On The Window Panes From The Outside

Grab a hair dryer or heat gun and point it at your double-pane windows from the outside. Move it in circles to soak up extra moisture trapped between the glass layers. This trick helps prevent mists from building up, giving you a crystal-clear view.

10. Use A Dehumidifying Product 

Try products like WD-40 Original Spray for windows. These are made to absorb moisture from double-pane glass. A quick spray on both sides of the window helps get rid of condensation buildup, keeping your view clear.

11. Replace Any Sealant Around The Window

If the sealant or weatherstripping on your window is cracked or worn, it can cause misted windows. Swap out damaged bits to prevent future buildup. Keeping those seals intact keeps your windows mist-free.

12. Remove Plants And Firewood

Plants and firewood release moisture, adding to your condensation problem. Try moving them away from the window or taking them out of the room. See if this helps clear up your window and keeps it free from mist.

13. Use Bathroom And Kitchen Fans

Use your bathroom and kitchen fans every time you cook or shower. These fans help kick out the extra moisture, preventing it from causing condensation on your windows. Run them for 15-20 minutes after your shower or cooking session.

14. Consider Installing A PIV System

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems control condensation and enhance indoor air quality. Installed in the loft, these systems provide fresh, filtered air, reducing moisture and the risk of misted windows. They create a healthier indoor environment for both occupants and the building structure.

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Wrapping Up

To sum it up, preventing misted windows is doable. Hereby, small changes make a big difference in keeping windows clear and homes comfy in the UK’s damp weather. 

Combining our given measures with effective ventilation through fans and periodic window openings creates a good approach to combat misted windows.

For great help with your windows, check out Chesterfield Window Centre. We know a lot about windows and can give you advice that fits your needs. If your windows get misty and you want them to be comfy and work well, reach out to us. 

Take the first step to clear windows by calling us at 01246 912106. Get windows that work well and see the difference with the experts at Chesterfield Window Centre.

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